Winter Beauty Essentials

1. Lip Balm/Vaseline- It will help alleviate dry lips by hydrating them. Opt for an emollient one that will correct the damage that cold weather does to your lips.

2. Hydrating hair masks- They help moisturize your hair. During winter, the air is so cold and dry. Hair masks help with moisturizing the dry ends of hair.

3. Moisturizing Hand Cream and Body Lotions- Opt for ones with moisturizing ingredients. They combat dry skin during wintertime.

4. Facial Oils- They help to keep your face soft and smooth during winter. They also help to rejuvenate your dull complexion during winter.

5. Hand sanitizer- It helps keep germs away and you safe and healthy. Keeping some around is also easier than constantly washing your hands, which dries them out during winter.

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