Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Once again, the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is this month and Christmas is next month. So, naturally people will be swarming the stores in droves soon searching for the best gifts for their friends and family members. Every year, there’s hot items (the latest fad or trend) that everyone (kids and adults alike) want and all have on their Christmas lists. Thus, below are some of this year’s popular gifts wanted by many this Christmas season.

  1. The Playstation 5-Wanted by children, it is equipped with ultra-high speed, 3D audio, and an all-new generation of Playstation games. It comes with a wireless controller, charging cable, base, and an AC power cord.
  2. Fidget Toys (Spinners)-They fit in children’s hands, are easily carried, and flips and folds. They’re durable and help with anxiety. They also can help improve fine motor skills in children.
  3. Hoverboards-Kids love self-balancing and brightly illuminated hoverboards. They get children from Point A to B in style. Children can do tricks on them. Hoverboards are a form of exercise. They can also last up to 4 years, and come in different types.
  4. Jewelry-One can never go wrong buying an adult jewelry as an gift. Sleek and shiny, it never goes out of style. Jewelry is also a popular gift because of its value, beauty, and versatility.
  5. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max- Adults want it.. It’s Powerful. It’s Beautiful. It’s Durable. It has an approved battery life, performance, screen quality, and cameras too. Enough said.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! 🙂


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