The One (A Post For The Ladies)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hoping, praying, and waiting for the day when “the one” will suddenly appear in your life since you were a teenager. Have you? Many women have and still do, so much so that they often fixate on and fantasize more about the mirage of the man and wedding than on what the reality of the man and marriage will be. Are you mainly focused on the characteristics and physical attributes that you want “the one” to have? Or have you stopped to consider and pray for the man that God wants you to have? Have you stopped to think about whether or not this man will have a relationship with God, or do you just want a husband? Sadly, most women’s answers to these questions are the wrong ones, according to God. How do I know? Before I decided to let God write my love story and trust him to bring “the right one” into my life, I thought the same as many of these women. I said I cared about whether or not he was a godly man, but deep down inside I just wanted a church-going man who could keep up a façade of loving and worshipping God. This was evident in the character of the men I chose to pursue and have crushes on. Years ago, I just wanted “someone” to want me. I didn’t care about whether God would approve of him and his heart or not. Now, I do. I understand that I had to fall for all of the wrong men then, so that I could learn to trust God with supplying a husband for me now. However, they were trying times for me mentally and romantically. I gave up on finding love more times than I can remember and count. Yet, all along God just wanted me to trust him to find me a godly man, and to stop trying to find my own husband. Have I met “the one” yet? I’m not sure. Have I gotten married and settled down yet? No, but I’m still trusting God and walking in his will on the matter. I get so frustrated and tired of “waiting” on God and “the one” sometimes that I can hardly stand it. Still, God’s timing is perfect. When “the one” finally does show up in my life, it won’t be forced or rushed by me or anyone else. I’m done with that mentality. In the meantime, I’ll be using my single days to continue to grow up in the Lord spiritually, and to prepare my mind and heart for “the one”.

Are you burnt out on love? Are you tired of trying to control

your own love life? Good. God desperately wants to

step in and help. Step out of the way, and let God write

your love story. His love stories always have the best


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