Stop Trying To Be What You’re Not

An uncle of mine once told me upon discovering that I didn’t have a job and didn’t know what profession I wanted to be in besides writing to try applying for different job positions to figure out which one I liked best. Taking his advice, I discovered that I’m not a fast food worker. Furthermore, I discovered recently that I am not a teacher. I did my best at both job positions, but when asked I always decided that I’d rather leave than stay in both job positions. This year I struggled with why I’ve never seemed to be able to stay in a job position for long. I realized why a few weeks ago. I was competent at those jobs and could be at many others if I tried, but my calling and purpose is to inspire and motivate people through my writing. I was so unhappy and uncontent in those job positions because they weren’t my passion. Writing is, and I finally figured out that that’s the only job position God wants me in because he ordained me for it. God wants me to stop trying to fit into job positions I wasn’t ordained for, and to operate in the gifts that he has given me. I only took those job positions because I needed the money. Yet, now I understand that until God blesses me with a job I’m ordained for, I’m to trust in him and wait on him regardless of how many purposeless job positions are offered to me. Now I understand that it’s impossible to fit comfortably into a job position that you weren’t anointed for. Though times are tough financially, I’ve learned to stop chasing money and job positions, and to chase my passion and calling instead. If God wanted me to be a Jill of all trades, he would’ve anointed me to do so. I am not a teacher or a fast-food worker, but I am a writer. For now, I’m content operating in my gift of writing for no money until God sends me a writing job that pays. Are you going along just to get a loan? Stop it, and stop trying to be what you’re not. God’s got a calling and purpose for you. If you wait, he’ll reveal it to you in time.

Have you ever taken a job position just for the money,

popularity, or stability it offers knowing that it wasn’t

 your passion? God wants us to stop trying to fit

 into places and relationships we’re not ordained

 for, and wait on him.


“Be happy about who you are, and where you are in life”

-Joyce Meyer

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