Worth and Value

Reflecting upon my life and brainstorming ideas for this month’s blog topic a week ago, I smiled to myself knowing that if someone would’ve told me at eighteen that I would be full of confidence at twenty-six, I would’ve laughed at them. You see, for most of pre-teen and teenage years, I struggled with low self-esteem. I wasn’t very confident in my abilities or looks, and I always compared myself to other girls. Those years were some of the worst self-loathing of my life. From twelve to twenty, I hated everything about myself and the way I looked. I didn’t have very many friends, was painfully shy, and was afraid of rejection from others. Many people had already rejected me because of my quirks and weirdnesses at a young age. I had always known God and been raised in the church, but it wasn’t until I began to see my worth and value through God’s eyes that I began to truly love and cherish myself. This realization came on the eve of my twenty-first birthday, after I had an epiphany that I had recently placed too much value and worth on having a man in my life rather than on loving myself. When I began to study the Word of God more for myself a year and a half later, I began to see for myself how valuable I was to God. The bible said that just because I knew God and the fact that he recognized me as his child made me increase in worth and value. Yet, I had been trying to find my worth and value in other things such as boyfriends and friends for many years failing miserably. Today, I’m full of self-love and respect because I know that God lives in me. I know my worth and value, and will never again lose sight of it. It hurts me to think that vast amounts of people seek validation, worth, and value in the world, outside of God. True validation of a person’s worth and value will never be found anywhere else but in the arms of God. If you’re struggling with low self-esteem or lack confidence, you can gain confidence when you place your trust and life in God’s hands. Seek validation from God, not from the world. Your worth and value may decrease with man, but it never will with God!

You are precious and honored in God’s sight.

He loves you.

-Isaiah 43:4

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