How To Deal With Workplace Drama

Nobody likes to deal with drama in the workplace. It’s often catty, petty, and unnecessary. However, at some time or another in our lives, we all may experience it. I have, and many others will too. Thus, here are some tips on how to deal with it when it presents itself at your place of work.

  1. If you ever find yourself in the middle of workplace drama, separate yourself from the source of it immediately. Don’t get upset or take their accusations personal.
  2. Alert a boss or supervisor about the incident. If you are not directly involved or related to the incident (and especially if you are), seek help from an authoritative figure right away. Seek help from an authoritative figure right away and try to explain what’s going on to them. They’ll handle the situation from there, and find a solution.
  3. Set boundaries with co-workers. Be nice, friendly, and personable. Yet, don’t get involved in the personal lives and affairs of co-workers, if you can help it. Let them know that you don’t involve yourself in or with any kinds of drama and when something they’ve said or done to you or about other co-workers upsets you. Choose to no longer listen to it.
  4. Walk away. After you have set workplace boundaries with your co-workers, walk away from the person. Leave the room, situation, and person if you have to. Don’t engage them at all or respond to their requests to engage you.
  5. Seek out friendlier co-workers to engage with. Spend time with and collaborate only with kind, gentle, collected, and good-natured co-workers if you can.

Happy October! 🙂

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