8 Commandments of An Educational Career

Many of you (my followers) know that I’m an writer, but few of you know that last August I started a new career. For ten months last year I was an teacher assistant, and have just started my second year doing the same thing. In my short time working in the educational field, I have learned some things. Thus, below I’ve listed 10 commandments of an educational career. Enjoy! Happy August, all! 🙂

1. The most important people in the school are the students. They come first (their feelings, wants, needs, etc). Everything and everyone else is secondary.

2. It is a educational professional’s responsibility to teach all students equally, regardless of their race, socio-economic status, and etc. No child should be left behind academically.

3. Accept your students. Meet them at their developmental and cognitive levels. Accept their diverse backgrounds and strive to help them all succeed. Positively communicate with them, and assess all of their academic needs.

4. Communicate effectively with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents of your students.

5. Use words carefully. Words can hurt or heal. You can either frustrate or inspire students. Love them as though they were your own children.

6. Take mini breaks throughout the school day. When you’re frustrated and tired, take mini breaks. As long as another professional is in the room with students when you take a break, feel free to walk around the school for a few minutes to calm your mind. Learn to take breaks when you need to.

7. No hitting or touching students. This is a surefire way to upset parents, students, staff members, and administrators alike as well as lose your job.

8. Never forget the first commandment.

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