Ways To Save Money This Summer

  1. Combine your to-do lists or errands and do them all in one day instead of doing them on separate days throughout the week. This will save money and you from wasting gas.
  2. Take a staycation. A staycation is when you visit places around your city that you normally don’t, but have always wanted to. Make a list of popular tourist destinations in your city, and choose the ones you want to visit. Make plans to visit these places for a few days or a weekend. This will save you money on travel expenses.
  3. Visit the library. Find a good book to read, movie to watch, or CD to listen listen. Beat the heat and your light bill by cooling off at the library for a couple of hours. (They’re always cold).
  4. Find free fun. Find free activities in your city. Most cities have tons of free activities during the summer. Check your city’s website or social media websites for free festivals, concerts, and days that movie theaters and museums offer discounts or free days. This will keep you from having to spend so much money on summer activities that you enjoy doing.
  5. Buy snacks at a dollar store before going on a road trip. Snacks at convenience stores and gas stations are often overpriced, so buying snacks at a dollar store instead before you hit the road will save you money.

Happy Summer/July! 🙂

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