Causes That I Support And Why

Two definitions for a cause are as follows: a) a basis for an action or response; b) the interests of a person or group engaged in a struggle. To me, hunger, pancreatic cancer, heart failure, and strokes are all basises for action or response and causes I’m interested in helping to fight against in an solid effort with organizations to do so. As a young child, I was taught that it’s good to give back to your community and other individuals when you can (have the money to). I’ve also seen first hand the effects hunger, pancreatic cancer, heart failure, and strokes have had on people in general and people that I care for and deeply loved. A charity that I give to is The Mid-South Food Bank. I do so sometimes in order to help the charity combat hunger in people who live in parts of the city or state that are affected by poverty and high food costs. I also give to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I do so in the hopes that a cure for pancreatic cancer will be found soon. My mom had pancreatic cancer and suffered for ten months before her death in December of 2017. Soon, I will begin to give money sporadically throughout the year to The American Heart Association and WomenHeart organizations as well. I’ll begin to give to the American Heart Association soon, because the organization funds scientific research to fight heart disease and stroke. My sister suffered from a heart disease before she passed away at the age of 28. My brother and step-dad have both also been affected by strokes. The organization WomenHeart connects women living with heart disease with volunteers who provide emotional support to the women through meetings, mentors, and information. My sister often suffered in silence because she had no one to talk to or relate to about her heart disease. I hate that fact. My mom and sister meant a lot to me, as do my step-dad and brother.

What are some causes that are meaningful to you and why?

5 thoughts on “Causes That I Support And Why

  1. Your support of the causes you identified are honorable. I’m so sorry that you lost your mother and sister. I hope the empty holes in your life that are due to their passing are being filled with wonderful things. I know you cherish their memories.
    I wish you a blessed day

  2. Thank you for sharing something so dear to you. I never really thought of a cause to support but I am always passionate about the family structure. In that, how children are raised, the support they lack from their parents or the adults in their lives. Sometimes they are left to support themselves at a tender age. Those things I am very concern about. Once again thanks for sharing and I pray for your strenght in Christ Jesus, as you reflect on your loved ones. God bless

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