Money-Saving Tips

  1. Cancel Automatic Subscriptions and memberships. Ex. Netflix,Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and gym memberships. Cancel any subscriptions you don’t use on the regular. Make sure that you turn off auto-renew when you make a purchase.
  2. Buy generic. Give name brands the boot. Generic brand products cost less than brand name items, and work just as well too. Ex. Generic brands of medicine, cleaning supplies, and paper products
  3. Cut ties with cable. Cut the cord and find out how to save big with alternatives to cable like streaming services and network apps. Cable isn’t the only way to watch your favorite shows these days.
  4. Pack a lunch for work (and or eat at home). Prepare your food or lunch at home and watch your savings increase.
  5. Ask about discounts. Next time you’re out at a restaurant or museum, ask if they have any discounts for seniors, students, teachers, and etc.
  6. Try a spending freeze. Don’t buy any nonessential items for a week or month. Avoid eating out at favorite stores during this time as well.
  7. Use coupons when shopping.
  8. Keep track of your spending. Knowing where your money is going helps you make changes easier if you need to.
  9. Separate your wants from needs. If your money is tight, it should not be spent on unimportant items or services.
  10. Save regularly. Have some of your paycheck directly deposited into your savings account or set up an automatic transfer each month from your checking to your savings account.

It’s May. Smile! 🙂

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