How Yoga Improves Health Physically And Mentally

It’s no secret that I have an anxiety disorder. In fact, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2014. Over the years, I’ve managed to control my anxiety and stress levels throughout the many components of life (work life, home life, family life, social life, etc.) as I’ve matured and learned to worry less. I’ve done so without the help of antidepressants. However, it hasn’t been easy, as I’ve relied on my relationship with God and yoga to help me through it. Yoga helped me tremendously in the beginning stages when I was first diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and still does today. Whenever I get too anxious, stressed, or worried, I turn on a yoga video and get to it. Thus, listed below are 7 ways that yoga helps to improve a person’s health physically and mentally.

  1. Yoga offers relief from depression and anxiety. It does so by reducing your heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure relaxing you.
  2. Yoga improves strength. Deep breathing and slow movements increase blood flow and warm up muscles.
  3. Yoga helps with back pain relief. It eases chronic low back pain by improving mobility for people who suffer from back pain.
  4. Yoga benefits heart health. It does so by reducing stress, inflammation, and high blood pressure.
  5. Yoga helps manage stress. Yoga helps with stress management, mental health, mindfulness, and quality sleep.
  6. Yoga strengthens your joints by lubricating and strengthening your spine.
  7. Yoga increases balance, reduces fatigue, relieves pain, and improves social and occupational functioning.

Happy March! 🙂

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