10 Ways To Feel Festive This Holiday Season

1. Decorate your home and listen to Christmas music.

Decorating your home will liven up your mood, and the Christmas music will put you in the Christmas spirit as well.

2. Watch Christmas movies.

Sitting down and enjoying Christmas films on such networks as Lifetime and Hallmark in front of a fireplace is sure to help you to feel festive this holiday season.

3. Drink Christmas drinks.

Drinking festive treats such as hot cocoa, sparkling wine, or eggnog will cheer you up.

4. Send Christmas cards to your friends and family members.

As you think about how good the people on your list will feel when they receive your cards, your spirits will brighten.

5. Donate a toy or gift to a child.

Doing so will move your heart with joy and make you feel good about putting a smile on a kid’s face this Christmas. You can donate to a child through charity foundations, giving a foster child a holiday gift, or answering a child’s letter to Santa.

6. Stroll or drive through a holiday light show.

Many cities and towns have special light shows that they have going on at special places such as the zoo during the holidays. You can walk through or drive through these shows with your loved ones.

7. Go ice skating!

You can do so with a friend or by yourself! Either way, you’ll feel festive doing so!

8. Attend a tree lighting ceremony.

Many cities have ceremonies honoring the lighting of trees during the Christmas season. Dress warmly, watch the ceremony, and get to feeling festive!

9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or hospital.

Spread some joy to others and create some within yourself by helping others.

10. Attend a church service.

Doing so will give you feelings of peace and love as you celebrate Jesus Christ and dedicate the holiday season to God!

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