My Life Motto

What is a life motto? A life motto is a tool a person uses to define who they are, set goals, and to make decisions. It’s a phrase a person may ultimately begin to live their life around. I didn’t always have a life motto, but I’ve adopted one throughout the years that has stuck with me. My life motto is to never compare myself to anyone else, and to try and become a better person every day. I try to become better than the person I was yesterday daily. Life is about growth, and I don’t ever want to become or remain stagnant in life. My life motto is what it is because I believe that comparing yourself to other people is a waste of time. We were each born with a special purpose and calling we were put on earth to do, and that only we can fulfill. No one can be us like we can! To add to, I don’t beat myself up over things I wanted to accomplish or regretted not doing yesterday at the beginning of each new day. I also don’t beat myself up over my faults and failures at the end of each day. I simply start over at the beginning of each new day, and try to do better (become a better person daily) after accepting responsibility and accountability for the previous day’s actions. I chose this life motto because in the past I had a bad habit of comparing myself to others before I adopted it, and I’m very hard on myself. My life motto prevents me from comparing myself to others, beating myself up on bad days, and becoming stagnant in life daily. I don’t think my life motto defines who I am, but it has helped me to set (mentally) healthier goals and to make better life decisions. My adopted life motto is a phrase I live by every day.

Do you have a life motto? What is it? Share it with me in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “My Life Motto

    1. Thanks, likewise. I’m an Christian and never do anything without consulting God and His Word first. I just didn’t include that tidbit in today’s post. Great motto, Mary! Take care ā˜ŗ

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