A-Z Advice To My Younger Self (Part 2: N-Z)

N- Never lower your standards in life, romantically or career-wise

O- Originality is a must; be original

P- Put your health first, don’t ignore signs of illness

Q- Quality is more important than quantity in life

R- Rush (Don’t rush into romantic relationships, get to know the person before committing to them)

S- Stay sweet

T- Take risks in life, but be smart about them and which ones to take too

U- Use your brain and common sense to make romantic, career, and personal decisions in life (Everyone won’t always have the same heart as you)

V- Vulnerability is not a weakness

W- Welcome strangers in life, you may become the best of friends with them later

X- Xcitement (Excite yourself and give yourself something to look forward to every once in a while in life)

Y- Yield not to temptation; yielding is sin

Z- Zero in on your goals, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Thanks for reading! Happy May! 🙂

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