The Time I Had An Article Published In The Commercial Appeal

This month, I personally celebrated two past accomplishments of mine: 9 years ago this month on March 4th, I had an article published in a local newspaper, and two years ago this month on March 4th, I completed the coursework for my master’s degree. These may not seem like big accomplishments to some people, but they were and still are to me, and I cherish the memories of them as I recollect them yearly. One was an goal of mine while the other one just happened. My goal was always to have and complete a masters degree after completing my masters degree. However, though a lot of writers strive to be in their local newspapers, it wasn’t a dream I had dreamt yet at that point in my life. One Sunday afternoon while I was on a personal break from college, I was reading the paper when I noticed one of the paper’s columnists asking people to submit articles to her about what literature means to them. I initially thought about doing it, decided not to, and kept reading the paper. Yet, God kept putting the columnist’s words on my mind and heart compelling and pushing me to write the article and send it to the columnist. After a few more days of pondering the article, I decided to write it and send it to the columnist. It took me 25-30 minutes to write. Then, I sent it. The columnist called me to let me know that she would be publishing my article on her column in the paper the following Sunday a few days later. When it was published, it erased any doubt in my friends, family members’, and anyone else’s minds that I was an capable writer, established my writing career, and solidified in my mind that my gift of writing and I were worthy of praise, attention, and accolades. The point of this post is: Although I accomplished these things years ago, it’s good to go back in time sometimes to remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished (if you’re feeling down on yourself) until your next life goal is accomplished. Other people in life won’t always acknowledge you, your gifts, or talents on life either. So, it’s best to celebrate yourself always, clap for yourself, and encourage yourself on your journey to your next great accomplishment in life. Sometimes in life, you have to clap yourself on the back, buy yourself flowers, and celebrate your own successes if other people around you either don’t or refuse to.

Happy March, all!!!!

9 thoughts on “The Time I Had An Article Published In The Commercial Appeal

  1. Yes, rooting for yourself is an important part of healthy thinking and success in your dreams. Thanks for posting this beautiful reminder, and congratulations on YOUR accomplishments, past and future ❀

    1. Thank you for commenting and leaving such a touching comment. Thanks again, and I’m just getting started! Who knows what the future will bring lol? πŸ™‚πŸ€—β€

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