Apps That I Discovered In 2020

During my two month hiatus from social media and blogging last year, I discovered a few new apps online that I like and some that I grew to love. I missed you guys, your comments, and blogging while I was away. I hope everyone had a happy, joyous, and blessed holiday season! Below I share five new apps that I discovered during my blog hiatus. Enjoy!

  1. Peacock- Peacock is a free streaming service from NBC Universal. On it, you can stream movies and television shows for free. The service can be streamed on smart TVs, android devices, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xfinity, and etc. It is also available through its website. My favorite shows to watch on it are fan favorite This Is Us, The Office, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
  2. Disney Plus- I initially started watching this app last summer when Beyonce’s documentary “Black Is King” premiered on it. However, I’ve continued to watch it and have grown to love it because of its vast array of Disney classics and new movies such as Soul (This is a good movie. Check it out!)
  3. Youtube- I’ve been watching and using Youtube for years, since I was a teenager. I watch music videos, song videos, and tarot card videos on it for entertainment purposes. Yet, last month, I decided to start my own channel on it. Thus, I hope that I’ll grow to love it as an uploader and user this year, not just as a subscriber. (My handle is @ Poetic Musings if anyone wants to follow my new poetry channel. Subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back).
  4. Google Duo- I knew about such apps as Facetime and Zoom that lets users call others by video, but up until last year, I didn’t know about Google Duo. Google Duo is a free app that lets users video call others face to face. It works on phones, tablets, and computers. You can even send messages, emojoiis, and videos to others through it.
  5. PlutoTV- PlutoTV is an free app that lets you watch television and switch through its hundreds of channels and thousands of movies for free 24/7. It works on any phone or tablet, and features such channels as TV Land sitcoms, Comedy Central Pluto, and CNN.

Happy January, all!

new apps pic

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