My Favorite Fall Activities

Fall is around the corner. It’s coming, and my birthday is too. As the seasons and weather begin to change, I will begin to enjoy lovely autumn sightings and events such as seeing the leaves change colors, seeing fall-themed decor pop up in stores, and seeing fall decorations appear in and around neighborhoods. Autumn isn’t my favorite season, but it is an lovely time of year. Thus in this blog post this month, I will highlight some of my favorite fall activities to do during that time of year. Enjoy!

  1. Leaf Jumping- It’s a tradition I started with my niece and nephew when they were younger. It brings them so much joy, laughter, and fun! They’re older now, but every time they see a pile of leaves in our yard, they can’t help but to jump in and giggle, and I can’t help but to oblige and let them as I smile at and take pictures of them.
  2. Lighting Fall-scented Candles- I love candles, but I love autumn smelling candles even more! It’s something about lighting an autumn-smelling candle, placing it on an table, walking away, and letting its aroma fill the room and house as you carry on with your day.
  3. Attending Fall Festivals- I love attending and going to festivals in my neighborhood and community, meeting new people, and seeing the array of products and services vendors have to offer during the festivals. Most of these festivals are held in the fall in my community.
  4. Curling up with a good book- I love to grab a blanket, socks, a hot cup of tea and my heater as I read a book on the couch on cool crisp days.
  5. Watching fall-themed movies on television- On some autumn weekends, I love to just curl up and watch fall-themed movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. Doing so reminds me of the good times I had watching such movies with my now deceased mom and sister years ago.

Happy September, all! πŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite fall activities?

12 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Activities

  1. I also love fall. I miss the way it is celebrated up north. Now that I live in NC the fall season. Isn’t as defined by the beautiful leaf foliage/colors. However, I just got out my fall candles and look forward to the movies with fall themed as well. And of course curling up with a cozy blanket,reading or writing is also high on my list. 😊 Wishing you a happy Autumn!

  2. Each year as a part of community outreach my mother’s church hires two buses and take children from the city to farms, Pumpkin and apple picking. I love driving up state to Woodstock to watch the turning of the leaves

    1. Awesome! Pumpkin and Apple picking is cool. I love that your mom’s church does that for the kids. Yeah, I love watching the leaves change color during fall. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fall is my favorite season. And I love the classic Halloween themed movies! Fall Fests and reading are also my favorites! It’s also the season I do a lot of walking the walking trail in our local park because I love the weather! And the bonfires and wearing hoodies and boots! Ahhhh!

  4. I love a good book and a candle ❀ I also love the first fire of the season. Nothing like sitting in front of a beautiful lit fireplace!

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