Fun Summer Activities To Do During An Pandemic Summer

Summer is here, and all most people want to do now is hit the road with some friends (road trips) and find water (pool, beaches, lakes, and water parks) after spending much of the spring holed up inside our homes during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. However, due to coronavirus still sticking around, many states are still closed, many of their residents aren’t allowed to leave, and many precautions are still being taken to ward the coronavirus off. Thus, in this month’s post, I’ve listed a few fun outdoor activities for adults to do in order to still enjoy summer during the pandemic. Enjoy!

  1. Throw a painting party, and invite a few of your closest friends. Buy a couple of canvases, paint, and paintbrushes. Print out a picture for you guys to try and imitate. Put together a fruit, cheese, or cracker platter, and buy a few bottles of wine. After all that is done, sit back, relax, and let the painting fun begin in your living room, on your patio, or in your backyard.
  2. Have cocktail night at your place, and invite a few family members over for fun, laughter, dancing, and some cocktails on your patio or in your backyard one night.
  3. Host a movie night in your living room or backyard for your closest loved ones if you have a big screen television set. Let them pick the movie, while you provide the snacks and or beverages. They can also bring their own snacks and beverages if they prefer to.
  4. Have an outdoor picnic in your backyard or an nearby park with a few of your loved ones. Gather some games for the kids, some blankets or towels, some food, and head outdoors.
  5. Have a vision board party outdoors on your patio or in your backyard, and invite a few people. Have guests print out pictures from newspapers and magazines. Give them glue or tape to cut or paste their pictures to poster boards or construction paper. Then, have them fill their boards or construction papers with pictures of things they want to manifest in their lives over the next 2 years. Provide food and drinks, and fun will be had by all in attendance.


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