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Summertime is usually the time of blockbusters and when people love to head to the movie theater, relax with their favorite snacks, and watch the newest blockbuster that Hollywood has to offer them. However, because of the recent pandemic (coronavirus scare), many movie theaters are just starting to open back up or remain closed for the time being. I myself love a good movie, so for this month’s post, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite movies with you guys. You might find one or more of your favorites on my list as well. Enjoy, and Happy June!

1. Juno- Filled with sarcasm and wit, this movie is about an teenager who becomes pregnant and chooses a failed rock star and his wife to adopt her baby. Juno takes the viewer on the journey to motherhood with her as she deals with her relationship with her child’s biological father, her relationship with her child’s adoptive parents, and life throughout her pregnancy.

2. Pretty Woman- Julia Roberts! I love Julia Roberts. She and Richard Gere shine in this movie. In the movie, a prostitute and a rich businessman fall in love with each other when the businessman picks up the prostitute off the streets one night and hires her to stay with him for the weekend. The two come from different worlds, but they form a bond that lasts.

3. Where The Heart Is- I first watched this movie as a teen on Lifetime channel with my mom and sister sitting beside me. Touching, it pulls on heartstrings and brings tears to eyes of watchers as Novalee is left barefoot and pregnant by her trifling boyfriend in a Walmart parking lot during an road trip with him. She lives in Walmart until the baby is born, then neighborhood Good Samaritan Sister takes her and her newborn in. At the hospital, Novalee meets her future best friend and nurse Lexie. The movie follows Novalee as she learns how to be a good mother, recovers from her past, and falls in love with an neighborhood man over time.

4. Steel Magnolias- The cast alone speaks volumes: Sally Fields, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and etc. The reason I love this movie is because of its message of friendship and sisterhood throughout good and bad times. The ups and downs make the women stronger and closer to one another throughout the movie.

5. The Breakfast Club- I love this movie’s youthful vibe and how it dispels high school popularity contests and groups or cliques as well. It is centered around five high school students who come from different walks of life who were given Saturday morning detention. During the course of the day, they tell one another how they got detention and become friends. At the end of the day, the students leave with different perspectives about high school cliques, groups, and popularity.

6. Sixteen Candles- I love Molly Ringwald. In the 80s, she was cinematic gold. The movie is about a teenager who’s turning sixteen, but her family forgets her birthday when her older sister gets married that weekend. During the course of the movie, she doesn’t think her older crush likes her back, while an younger nerdier boy who has an crush on her annoys her.

7. Dirty Dancing- I love this movie. It’s an classic. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. Baby is on summer vacation at an resort with her rich parents after graduating from high school when she meets Johnny. She begins to fall in love with the dance instructor, but the two can’t be together because of their backgrounds. The movie and dancing in it is a delight!

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies

  1. No problem, and oh yeah you’ve got to check the rest out lol. Check out the God’s Not Dead series too if you like Christian movies, as well as Courageous and Fireproof.

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