The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I’ve Ever Received

Have you ever bought yourself something nice or treated yourself to something special on or around Valentine’s Day because you didn’t have an significant other at the time, but still wanted to feel special on Valentine’s Day? Has someone else ever done something nice or special for you on Valentine’s Day, and it touched your heart on some level? I’ve experienced both, and I’m going to share some instances of such experiences in my life in this month’s post. Here goes: When I was younger and in my early twenties, I would buy myself and or sister Valentine’s Day gifts to boost our self-confidence on the day and help myself to not feel bad about not having an significant other on Valentine’s Day. Back then, I didn’t know that having an man on Valentine’s Day and receiving gifts from him wouldn’t and didn’t define my worth. Now, I do. Back then, I would buy myself and sometimes family members bears and boxes of chocolate. Years later, I even bought myself some chocolate covered strawberries and shared them with family members (I love chocolate and strawberries). I believe half the box of chocolates was dipped in white chocolate while the other half was dipped in milk chocolate. However, my most memorable and favorite Valentine’s Day gift that I’ve received every year since I was fifteen comes from my stepdad. The tradition started when my mom and sister were still alive. Every year my stepdad would go to the store on Valentine’s Day and not only buy gifts for my mom, but also for my sister and me. The tradition continues today, though my mom and sister are dead,and he doesn’t have to anymore. He buys small gifts for me, but it touches my heart every year because he still wants me to know that I’m loved and thought of on Valentine’s Day whether or not I have a boyfriend, though my mom is dead. Apparently, he promised my mom while she was still living that he would always take care of and make sure her kids knew they were loved, whether or not she was alive. I value his gifts so much every year, because it reminds me of my mom’s love for me and her thoughtfulness even in her absence from this life and world. It makes me feel as if she’s still loving me and showering me with gifts from Heaven through her husband, and the thought brightens up my day every year on Valentine’s Day!

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received from someone, or gifted yourself? Feel free to comment below, all!

Happy February!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Best Valentine’s Day Gift I’ve Ever Received

  1. The best valentines gift for me was my first valentines with my husband, I was 17 or 18 and still in high school. He had brought a bouquet of flowers, a Huge box of chocolates, and a bear bigger then me to my school, i’m 5’1 . I had to carry them back to my class and everyone was in awe.

    On another note I feel for your situation and I’m so happy for you that your stepdad keeps the tradition going and shows you that love. Before my grandfather passed last November he was the one that always got me and my sisters something each year for valentines. to me it’s so important for dads to do that for their daughters it shows them what love should be like.

  2. I love this post not only because I wrote a similar article on a different platform years ago but because Valentines happens to be my birthday. I do not any traditions but I always look forward to gifts and more gifts during that time. after reading your post I am now thinking about starting my own traditiion for my birthday. Thank you so much for sharing your story. God bless you.

  3. Beautiful post! I heard on KLove this year to make sure we love ourselves whether we have someone special in our life or not. Of course, to always remember that God will always love us!

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