How I Show Myself Love + Self-Care Tips For Others


Once a month, I treat myself to a me day without friends and family members. These days are days that I’ve planned in advance to do activities that I like and to give myself a break from family drama, pressure, or any other kind of problems I may have in my life at the moment. On these days, I clear my mind and choose to focus on the activity that I have planned for the day for myself instead of other things. On me days, I go to the mall, to the movies, museums, painting places, go to festivals, take trips by myself sometimes, and etc. They’re usually activities that my friends and family members have no interest in doing with me, and that’s okay. I take their disinterest in the activities that I plan monthly as an excuse to have some me time. I’ve been having me days with and for myself for about three and a half years now, and I love them. I usually pick one Saturday out of the month on the calendar monthly to have me days on. They give me something to look forward to every month, and help me to tap into my adventurous free spirit side or nature. Other things that I do to show myself love is distance myself from or cut off toxic relationships in my life that aren’t serving me, protect my peace of mind and heart from negative-minded people, and rest when I’m tired and have been pushing myself too hard. I know when it’s time to step back from social activities, curl up with a good book, sleep, watch television, and give myself a break from the world and its demands for a while. I do yoga five times a week, and enjoy long hot soothing baths with essential oils and Epsom salt in them too sometimes. Whatever I do, I always find time to pour back into myself daily, weekly, and or monthly. Everyone should. Thus, below are 5 self-care tips that others can use to show themselves love.

  1. Put on your dancing shoes, dance, and just be silly for a while. Life’s too short to be serious all the time!
  2. Treat yourself to something small, such as a new purse, scarf, belt, candle, and etc. You work hard, and deserve it!
  3. Take yourself out on a date. You can enjoy your own company. You don’t have to go out with others all the time to have a good time.
  4. Go ahead, nap, and rest. If you’re tired and your body needs refueling, go for it!
  5. Put on a face mask or get a massage. Face masks benefit your skin and mind as they relax you, and massages help to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and blood pressure.


Happy January, all!!! 



19 thoughts on “How I Show Myself Love + Self-Care Tips For Others

    1. You should totally do it. You’re a mom. Parents need more me time, I feel. Get to it, girl. You’re going to feel like a totally different person when you have some me time, lol. 🙂👍

  1. Ashdapoet,
    I love your system of showing yourself love. That’s something we all should do from time to time. Planning ahead is a good idea, too. Normally I look forward to something each day, but it usually gets crowded out by something I think should get done that day. I think I’ll adopt rewards for myself based on your ideas. Ooh! And thanks for dropping by my blog and following it.

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