My Favorite Moments of 2019

It’s been a hard year of grieving, but there were some good moments too.

My Favorite Moments Of The Year:

1. My graduation trip and graduation in May, It was an awesome trip, awesome graduation, and awesome reception afterwards. The people and atmosphere in New Hampshire are so friendly and lovely. The graduation was exactly like the commercials on television depicted it to be. It lived up to my expectations. The reception at the school after the graduation that same day was also great. The school gave the graduates a graduation present, and there were two floors worth of good food! There were sandwiches, finger foods, platters, seafood, meats, desserts, punch, tea, juices, and drinks. It was a good weekend.
2. Walking out of the graduation stadium after graduating with my peers to overwhelming applause from hundreds of the school’s faculty and staff on both sides of me. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was a complete and utter surprise. I looked to my left, and saw that my classmate was crying tears of joy as well. No one had ever cheered me on and clapped for me so boldly in a way that those people did that day. It made all I had gone through and sacrificed in my life for two years to get to that day worth it. I had never felt so celebrated, validated, and important in my life. Before that day, I was the type to celebrate others more than myself. However that day, I learned to celebrate myself more, because I deserve to be celebrated too. My presence matters in this world. It’s a moment that I will never forget for as long as I live.
3. Taking graduation pictures with my family on Easter. It was a special moment because my family agreed to take the pictures with me to stand in for my mom and sister who couldn’t be there because they died. Everyone showed up for me after my mom’s and sister’s deaths, we all had a good time taking them, and the pictures turned out better than I expected. The pictures are beautiful! (P.S. I’ve included some images from my graduation pictures with my family in this post.

What are your favorite moments from this year? Feel free to share with me below.



8 thoughts on “My Favorite Moments of 2019

  1. Congratulations, Ash!👏🏿 I’m sorry for your loss😔Your mother and sister would be so proud of you!❤️ You’re giving me the graduation feels right now, haha. I remember how I felt when I graduated from undergrad. Everybody was so cheerful and I heard all the clapping when my name was called. It was a great moment, I felt so accomplished. I can’t wait to graduate with my master’s in May 2020, woohoo. What degree did you get? And you look beautiful in your graduation pics!!!😊

    1. Thanks! I said that when I got on that plane by myself to go to New Hampshire and come back home. It was my first time on a plane,I had a layover coming and going, and I went on my graduation trip alone. My family couldn’t afford it. Mom and Jessica would’ve been beaming with pride because they never rode on a plane in life. I got my masters in May from Southern New Hampshire University. Great school. 👍 The pictures turned out great. I love them, lol.

      1. Wow, amazing! 😊 Congrats again on your accomplishments! And congrats on going on a plane by yourself! Not many people can do that lol. Glad you had a wonderful graduation experience and vacation ❤️

      2. Thanks! Girl, I was terrified, but I knew my angels were with me, and people on the plane and at the airports were so nice to me. They helped me and told me what to do. I’ve always been really brave and courageous. I blame “The Lion King”. Like Simba, I often laugh in the face of danger and fear lol smh. 🤷🤦

  2. Well done, Ashley! You’ve proven yourself to be ambitious, persevering, and courageous–for starters. It’s going to be interesting to see where God takes you from here!

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