The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten In Life

Have you ever had someone give you advice? Whether or not you took it and or asked for the advice, it was still advice that the person who gave it to you was dishing out to you. Now that you’re thinking about all of the advice that’s been given to you in life, was there someone whose advice really stuck out to you as being significant or important? Was it a friend, mentor, family member, or someone else who gave this advice to you? The previous questions lead me to this month’s blog post topic. I’ve gotten great advice in my life from friends, neighbors, family members, people I attend church with, and etc. Yet, the person’s advice that stuck out to me and became my favorite piece of advice in life came from my mom. It came on the eve of her death, but it was something that I needed to hear and something that she needed to get off her chest before she left this world. She said, “I love the young woman that you’ve grown to become. Don’t change one bit. Keep being the wonderful, beautiful, and loving daughter that I raised. Don’t let what’s happening to me (her impending death) stop you from living your life, don’t let it dull your light. Don’t let it make you depressed and want to give up on life, because you’re stronger than you think you are. I know because I raised you to be strong. Be strong, and go on living your life as if I was still here after I’m gone. I’m proud of you and will always be. You don’t have to do another thing for me or try to prove yourself to me for me to be proud of you, because you’ve exceeded all my expectations for you. I’m so proud to call you my daughter.” “Keep fighting, and don’t give up. Live out your goals and dreams, don’t let others take advantage of you, and be fearless in life. I just want you to be happy in whatever you do in life. I can die in peace knowing that I’m leaving a little bit of light and love in the world behind. That light and love in the world is you: you are my gift to the world. Satan meant my pregnancy for bad, but God meant it for good. Prepare everything for my funeral, I love you. You’ll be just fine after I’m gone.”

It was the best advice in my life because on her deathbed, my mom was worrying about me and how I would react to her death, preparing me for her death, and preparing me how to live after her death even though she was in pain. That advice was assuring me that although she couldn’t hold my hand physically throughout life anymore, she would still be watching, guiding, and leading me in Heaven like she had done on earth. It was her last piece of motherly advice to me. I’ll remember her advice and words to me a week before her death for the rest of my life.

Now that I’ve shared the best advice that I’ve ever gotten with you guys, what’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten or received? Feel free to comment your stories below.

Happy September! 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten In Life

  1. Such a beautiful post and loving advice. Mine was also from my Mom. Four years ago she just began hospice care and I knew her time was coming,but didn’t know it was going to be the next morning. That night she said that she knows I’ll be strong because she already saw it in me,the way I took care of her ignoring my own health issues. She thanked me for giving her so much love,a grand daughter, and honoring her family. She was and would continue to be proud of me and watch over my daughter and I. She told me she loved me very much and never to cut my hair.(yes she actually said that)😊💞 So I’m trying to stay strong, some days much harder to do than others and I haven’t cut my hair 😊

    1. Good advice, thanks for sharing. So touching! I’m trying to stay strong too, but I miss her and my sister every day. We can do it! Our mom’s knew we could. Sending peace and love your way

    1. She truly was a beautiful soul, and I don’t feel like I have been living my best life as she would’ve wanted me to, but I’m making plans to change that in 2020!!!!

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