20 Facts About Me

It’s June, and vacation season is upon us! Families are hitting beaches, amusement parks, and the road. My deceased mom’s birthday is also this month, but this month I’ve chosen another topic to write about. I started this blog 5 years ago, but many of you still don’t know that much about me. Considering the facts that I completed 2 degrees and my cousin, mom, and sister died during those five years and I took some time to heal and mend, I never got around to introducing myself properly to you guys. Thus, I’ll let this blog post serve as my introduction to my followers as I list facts about myself. Enjoy getting to know me, and feel free to leave an comment as well. Happy June.

1.I love pizza and children.

2.I’m afraid of heights.

3.The most unusual item in my home is a toy box. I keep it filled with toys for the kids in my family so that they won’t be bored when they visit my house.

4. My dream job is to be a writer, and to own my own book publishing company some day.

5. Some activities on my bucket list are to: visit Napa Valley, CA; go to Disney World with my family; go on a cruise; and to go to Paris, France to see the Eiffel Tower in person.

6. My favorite childhood cartoons: Pepper Ann, Recess, Doug, Rugrats, Daria, etc.

7. My first solo traveling trip was a trip to New Orleans I took with my college. It was cool.

8. My first concert was a Destiny’s Child concert. I went with my sister. It was awesome!

9. I’m a semi-perfectionist. I’m hard on myself and others around me, though I’ve learned to cut myself and others some slack.

10. I want to learn to play the piano and guitar some day.

11. My favorite color is light pink, and my favorite flower is the rose.

12. My favorite genres of music are R&B, pop, gospel, and rap.

13. I’m not a morning person.

14. I hardly ever wear makeup, except on special occasions. I only wear eye shadow, lipstick, and eye liner then.

15. My favorite animal is the bird. I love parrots.

16. I collect books, motivational quotes, and candles.

17. My favorite season is spring. Everything’s fresh, and blossoming then.

18. I’m a light sleeper. Anything can wake me up.

19. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

20. My favorite part of any meal is dessert. I love desserts!


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