Best Friends

June 8th of every year is National Best Friend Day, and to commemorate the occasion I’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane as I recall the best friends I’ve had in life and their impacts on my life. I’ll be recounting two of my most memorable friendships in life for you all this month. The first best friend’s name I ever had was Whitney. I met her when I was nine, and we were friends until she moved away to another state when I was eleven. We later reconnected in my adult life, but we were never able to recapture the spark that once was our childhood friendship. Whitney and I met in an elementary school class, and after discovering that we didn’t live far from each other spent all of our time together. We played together at school and at home, talked about boys and our families, and went on adventures in the neighborhood together. So naturally, when she moved away with her family, I was heartbroken. My friendship with my second best friend has been the longest and best of my life. We recently decided to part ways and to stay in touch bi-monthly, but she’s the one friend that I will always consider to be my best friend for life, though technically we aren’t anymore. Her name is Yvonne, and we met in church when I was nineteen and she was seventeen. Over our eleven year friendship, we became like sisters to one another, supported each other through ups and downs, comforted one another, had serious talks, and pondered life’s great questions together. Our friendship ended because she moved to another state, and we grew apart for years as she became a wife and mother. I write all this to say this: though I’ve had two amazing friendships with these women that didn’t last a lifetime like I thought they would, I don’t down friendships. I am also not discouraged about never having a best friend again. I know I will some day.These women left irreplaceable prints on my heart, mind, and life. I learned things from both of them.

So, if you have a best friend this year, cherish them and spend time with them. True friends only come around once in a lifetime. Shout-out to all the best friends out there!

Happy June! 🙂


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