How Not To Go Broke This Holiday Season


The holidays are here! Christmas parties, festive family gatherings, and gift exchanges are as well. Receiving gifts is always fun, but giving them isn’t always a walk in the park when you still have bills to pay during the holidays. The weight of trying to buy Christmas presents for loved ones and pay off debts during Christmastime is enough to send anyone into depression. Thus, to alleviate money blues and try to keep from going broke this season, I compiled a list of things I’ll be doing to keep from going broke this year. I share that list with you all below:

  1. I always try to shop earlier for Christmas gifts than other holiday shoppers. I start shopping for Christmas presents for loved ones around the middle of November every year.
  2. I look for deals, online and in stores. There are generally more deals that pop up online and in stores around the holidays.
  3. I don’t splurge on myself and buy myself anything for being awesome all year until after the holidays are over and the New Year has been rung in. People who buy themselves Christmas gifts spend more holiday shopping than other shoppers do.
  4. I shop at the dollar store. I load up on gift wrapping paper, bows, tape, and Christmas decorations there to save money.
  5. I always set a budget on holiday gifts I buy for loved ones. I set aside a certain amount of money to spend on gifts, and try not to go over the limit I can afford.
  6. Last but not least, I limit the amount of gifts that loved ones receive from me in order to save money. I usually buy adults one gift per person and children two to three gifts per child.

                                                                      Merry Christmas!

                     What are some things that you all do to save money during the holidays?




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