Celibacy in the 21st century and the age of millennials


Growing up, I never felt as if I had to wait. I never felt pressure from my peers or family members to wait until marriage to have sex, especially not from most of my hormone and emotion driven peers. The general rule was once you were 18, you could do whatever you wanted to do. Yet, something changed for me when I became a Christian, started to develop a relationship with God, and learned that sex was originally intended for marriage. It was then that I felt compelled to, and decided to wait until marriage to have sex. Since then, I’ve had some near calls, but I’ve kept my commitment to myself and God. That is why I’ve been pleasantly surprised in recent years to find more people who are choosing to remain chaste until marriage. Some of them are in their twenties, some of them aren’t. Some of them are celebrities, but most are normal people like me who have decided to save themselves for marriage. I find it refreshing that single, saved, and chaste people are once again being honored for their purity, instead of being ridiculed about it like they are commonly. In a day and age where sex sells, I felt relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one who had chosen this lifestyle a few years ago when an online journalist (who is a millennial) went public with her story. When I read her article online, it made me feel proud to read the positive comments that people were leaving for her because of her virtuous act. Like her, I don’t know when it will happen, but I know that it will happen on my wedding night. I have naysayers just as the girl from the article did, but they can laugh and make fun all they want. I’m going to continue to honor my promise to God and myself until I get married. God comes first in my life. I first must honor the God of my life, and then myself until I become a wife someday. Until that day, my body is and will continue to be a holy vessel for God to use for his glory.


Have you ever took a stance on something that other people thought was

 crazy, or was against? How did it make you feel? In the end, did you stand

your ground on your decision, or change your lifestyle because of people’s

thoughts and opinions of you?



Something to think about…

18 thoughts on “Celibacy in the 21st century and the age of millennials

  1. I understand this. There are times when you decide to stand for something but because of how the world begins to see this game you then begin to falter.

    Great post.

  2. I enjoyed this immensely! What a very bold truth; you are definitely not alone in this matter. Purity is such a gift that we should take good care of! The devil will try to make us regret this decision and forget it, but with God we can stand strong in this! Blessings, my friend! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! It’s incredibly important for people to share their testimonies and convictions. Very refreshing! Keep on writing!

  4. Reblogged this on TheKingsKidChronicles and commented:
    This is such an important topic, especially in the promiscuous society in which we live. Relationships are not meant to be tried on like a pair of shoes or a new wardrobe. It’s important to get to know each other through courtship before marriage. Living together first to see if it’s going to work out isn’t the same thing as being married because you don’t have the same level of commitment. Reblogged from https://pocketsfullofloveblog.wordpress.com

  5. So AMAZING! That you made this promise to GOD. I did the same a few years ago. I had a fall, repented and now I just celebrated three years of purity. GOD is a Keeper!

    Be encouraged you will endure this journey of singleness as you seek Abba’s will for your life.

    And thanks so much for your follow!

    God bless,

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, He is! I had a slip up last year as well, but I am now celibate again as well. May the godly men that we both seek find us soon.

      1. Hallelujah to ABBA for His NEVER ENDING mercy! Amen may they seek Him face and come in His timing and may we continue to grow into who ABBA longs us to be in the waiting. Blessings to you, my sis in Christ!

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