Generation Gap

Recently, I moved into a house with my grandma. It’s only temporary until I finish my master’s degree next year and find a good paying job, but already I’m noticing differences between her and me. My grandmother was born in 1938, I was born in 1988. Because of the time difference in our ages, our beliefs, daily habits, and ways of doing things aren’t the same. I’m a millennial, so I believe in risk taking and chasing after your dreams at all costs. My grandma believes that if a job is good-paying, a person should stay there and be loyal to the company until they retire just to make a living. There’s more to life than money though. What about finding your purpose and passion in life? My grandma also goes to sleep around seven or eight every night, and gets up at six each morning. I on the other hand go to sleep around midnight each night, and get up around ten every morning. I’m a college student and unemployed at the moment, so it varies. Grandma’s nagging and insistence that I go to sleep earlier so that I can get up earlier won’t change that until I land a job. Additionally, she likes to follow me around the house continually and watch my every move. This irks me because I’m a loner and introverted. I need a lot of space and time to myself, something she doesn’t understand. To add to, my grandma mocks the fact that I do yoga every day to keep the symptoms of my anxiety disorder in check. She doesn’t understand its effect on my mind and body, so she thinks it’s humorous. I write and try to maintain a positive attitude all day. She nags me and worries about everything and everybody all day (she’s retired). I’m trying to break the cycle of generational curses in our family, while she’s oblivious to them. See the difference? I write all this to prove a point about the generation gap between our ages. It’s because of the generation gap that we are set in our ways, though we’re trying to compromise for one another. We annoy each other, but I’ll stay with her until I graduate. I’ll stay to help her financially, and to be there for her in her old age. The generation gap between us affects the genres of music that we listen to and the style of clothing that we wear, not my love for her.

Is there someone in your family who is set in their ways? Is the person annoying,

because they refuse to budge in their stance, even when they’re wrong? Love them

anyway, and tolerate them. Remember, you will become old someday too, and you

may be just as annoying to someone else.

Think about it…


2 thoughts on “Generation Gap

  1. Great post. I can totally relate. My parents and I have a generation gap as they are still very traditional. I like how you mentioned tolerance and acceptance, as we can only accept for whom they are and not change them.

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