What Will Your Legacy Be?


The last couple of months have been tough for me and my family. On August 25th, 2016, my younger first cousin died. She was twenty-six, and left behind four children. She was killed in a car accident, after a fight at a gas station with two of her enemies. Her absence has been felt strongly over the last couple of months. She was one of my favorite cousins, and was a joy to be around. She was always laughing, smiling, joking around, and she lived life as if every day was a party. It’s been four months since her death, but it’s still hard for me to talk about. I was always her protector, role model, and someone she looked up to. Her death was sudden, so naturally I was left searching for closure and peace of mind after her death. I still haven’t gotten either, but every day the process of grieving for her gets better. In the meanwhile, while my family and I continue to grieve and our broken hearts mend, her legacy continues. There’s a little piece of her and her spirit in every one of the four children she left behind. Their ages are 12, 7, 4, and 2. My aunt and uncle (her mother and father) are in the process of adopting two of them while simultaneously fighting their fathers in court for custody of the other two. Antonio (the oldest) has her eyes, smile, and goofy laid-back personality. Taniya also has her eyes, her gift of gab, and is sensitive like her mother was. Markell is tough like her, but he also has a tender sweet side like she had. He’s a sweetheart. The baby (Jariyah) is a hand full already lol. She is feisty, stubborn, and helpful like her mom was. Thinking about the death of my cousin and the legacy she left behind made me question the kind of legacy I want to leave behind when I die one day last week. I want it to be said of me that I was a kind, gentle, and caring spirit who encouraged and inspired others. I want it to be said of me that I did my part to make this world a better place by giving to others, sharing my wisdom with others, and loving others. I want to use every ounce of potential, skill, and ability that God gave me to fulfill His purpose and will for my life. My legacy will hopefully be one of love, compassion, forgiveness, purpose, and passion. Even as I grieve, I thank God for another day to be able to work on building a legacy of my own. I thank God for the privilege of having such a cool cousin for twenty-six years…


What is the legacy that you would like to leave behind when you’re gone?

What do you think others will say about you?

What would you like others to say about you?

We’re all building legacies of our own.

Make sure your legacy is worth being remembered for….


(Rest in peace Brittany, Long live BK)




Quick note: New to the blogging world is my good friend Jamie. Reach out to her and or follow her blog. She’s awesome!

Her blog’s URL: https://venidecor.com/

6 thoughts on “What Will Your Legacy Be?

  1. Ashley, I’m so sorry you’re still grieving from your loss, death is one of those things we will never understand; especially when we lose a love one. I understand how you’re feeling…I just lost my mom 11/29 and we funeralized her last month and my world has not been the same. I’ll be praying for you and your family and your beautiful nieces and nephews. May they remember their mother always, as she’ll always be by their side. A legacy is very important, may you all continue to honor her in the best way possible.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Roshonda! I’m sorry about your mom as well, may she rest in peace. It gets better every day…My cousin’s legacy continues.

      1. Ashley I am so so sorry for some reason or another I never saw this comment until now it seems as though I have to WordPress login and depending on how I login that depend determines what comes up I am so sorry this comment is so long overdue but I really really appreciate you for your words of encouragement and yes your cousin’s Legacy will live on

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