A Dream Come True (Original Post: August 15th 2014)

This month, I’m recycling a blog post from 2014 that’s still revelant today because as long as a person is alive, they can dream and achieve their dreams. Happy July/summer!

About two years ago, I set out to accomplish a goal that I had been working towards since I was eleven, the year I wrote my very first poem. You see, in 2013, I decided to self-publish a book. I had submitted poems to poetry contests, and written articles for magazine and newspaper outlets before, but this by far was my biggest dream. I decided it was time because God had given me the gift of writing, and wanted me to share it with the world. Also, my gut instincts kept telling me it was time, and that I was ready. So afraid and unexperienced in this area, I set out to accomplish this goal by finding a respectable company to publish my first book with that wasn’t expensive. Many days of frustration, doubt, fear, and uncertainty later, the book was complete and published. The project was my baby and a secret, so I worked on it alone for a year. It was published by Leafless, a new starter-up publishing company located in Memphis, Tennessee. The company seeks to help self-publishers and writers navigate the publishing world with ease. People can read and review new books for free before buying them if they’d like as well. Published books are only a dollar. The value and prices of published books increase as the good ratings of books increase. The company helps give writers feedback and exposure for their works. I chose to publish with Leafless because I liked the company’s concept, ideas, and mission. The e-book had a few glitches in it that I wasn’t happy about, but all in all, I was excited about the new venture of mine.

This year, I will be venturing out to attend my very first writing conference (s). It’s been a long time coming, but the journey has been worth it. If you would like to download my book for free or rate it, click here: http://leafless.co/?browse&*=info&id=128

Have you ever had a dream? How did you go about accomplishing or

attaining that dream? Dreams can be hard to follow, but the key is to

keep fighting for them and dreaming, no matter how many years they

take to complete. It’s YOUR dream. What are you going to do about it?



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