Stay Positive

To say I have to work at being a positive person daily would be an understatement. Sometimes, it takes all I have to maintain my positive state of mind. Positivity didn’t just happen overnight in my life. I’ve had to work for years through sad spells, drama with family, low self-esteem, and a negative environment to arrive at the positive mindset I exhibit today. Every day is a struggle, but it’s easier than caving back into my past negative mindset. I’ve gone through several trials in my life regarding mental illnesses. I’ve experienced depression more than once, had an anxiety attack, and have an anxiety disorder. Yet, through it all by my faith in God I’ve been able to remain positive mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. During the worst of these times, I wanted to quit and give up on myself. At times, it felt as if I was losing my mind. However, God wouldn’t let me give up on myself. Thus, I write this month’s blog post to encourage others to stay positive in their mindsets and not to give up on life or themselves. We all have to encourage ourselves sometimes.

Feeling sorry for yourself? Stuck in a rut mentally?

Keep the faith, and stay positive dear friends.

“All you can change is yourself (mindset), but sometimes

that changes everything.”

Happy March! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Stay Positive

  1. I have learned I have to stay positive or the weight of my health makes me feel worse. It may not cure me but it makes coping much easier to do! Thanks for this lifting post and the follow!

  2. My hardship came from my husband’s emotional deterioration partly from OCD, PTSD and severe Diabetes that he never could get a handle on. But I made it through the trials and tribulations. He is at peace now after his death from heart failure. I learned a lot about myself and life and am healing and loving my life. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep trying and learning. Hugs!!

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