Birthing Pains

Quick note: Recently, I made an announcement that I was looking for two guest bloggers to guest blog on my blog for the months of November and December and invited people to send submissions to my email address. However, no one sent me anything for the month of November, so I’ve written this month’s post. You can still send submissions to my email address @ to guest blog on my blog for the month of December though, if you’re interested. This month’s blog post is below.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “growing pains”? If you have, I’m sure you are can understand and or relate to how I’ve been feeling lately. Though I must admit, instead of having “growing pains”, I’m experiencing birthing pains. It’s common for a woman who’s about to give birth to a child to have varying degrees of labor or birthing pains. Everyone knows about those pains. Does everyone know about the slightly different birthing pains I’ve been experiencing? The birthing pains that I’ve been experiencing are of the spiritual nature. Just as children are birthed and born into existence, dreams and visions of the spiritual kind are as well. The dreams and visions that I’m trying to birth at the moment are so impregnable that at times I feel pain in my physical body, as though my body was doing all the hard work and not my spirit. The dreams and visions that I’m trying to birth in my life were implanted in me years ago, but have only now begun to come to fruition stretching me beyond my limitations and comfort zone, thus igniting birthing pains. My dreams are life-long goals that I’ve conjured up myself somehow, while my visions are plans that God’s destined and created me to carry out. I’m not sure of what my birthing pains will produce and bring forth yet, but I know whatever it is will be worth the pain. Spiritual visions are meant to give you renewed life, faith, hope, and a future. They’re not meant to cripple you by the birthing pains that often come with them. Embrace your birthing pains (as I’m learning to do). What’s on the other side of them (blessings) is better than what you’re leaving behind.

Got vision? Have you ever experienced growing pains from

 growing up in the Lord spiritually? God has a plan for

 your life, and he’s had it from the beginning. Those

 birthing pains may hurt, but without them you’ll never

 fulfill God’s purpose or his plans for your life. Endure the

 pain of birthing your dreams and visions NOW so that

 LATER you’ll have purpose.


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