We’ll Understand It Better By and By

Recently, my heart was broken, again. Recently, someone who was close to my heart and who I considered to be admirable died. These two incidences, one a disappointment and one a tragedy got me thinking about how fragile and short life is. They got me to thinking about how uncertain and unexpected life and love can be at times. A person can be here one day, and gone the next. A person can be in love with you one day, and fall out of love with you the next. Though my friend is gone, and I’ll never be able to laugh with and talk to her again…Though I’ve accepted the heartbreak and since realized that we never could’ve worked out anyway because of our vast spiritual and mental differences, I still have faith and hope. Faith in true love. Faith in God. Hope in a happily ever after romance story for myself. Hope that someday I’ll see my friend again in heaven. Grieving is never easy, whether it’s for a dead person or broken friendship or relationship. I’ll forever mourn my friend’s presence, luminance, and laughter in my life, yet I know she’s resting in the arms of her Heavenly Father. Therefore, I rest in that fact. God doesn’t make mistakes, he knows best. We as people may not always understand why God permits the heartaches and pains that he does in our lives, but I’m sure we’ll all understand it better by and by. My friend’s legacy will live on through her good works, life, and family. Likewise, my heart will heal, and I’ll love again.

Has something unexpected or unpredictable ever happened in your

life that you felt God could’ve prevented? Take heart. Stand

firm in the faith, and don’t lose hope. God’s ways are not

our ways, nor his thoughts our thoughts. Yet, there’s

always a will and purpose in mind. Trust God.

He knows where he’s taking you, and what he’s

doing. Sometimes, it’s not for you to understand

right away.

 Happy Fall!


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