As I walked away from the second teaching position I’ve had in four months last week, I began to ponder a question I had asked myself many times before. The question was: What is my purpose? Every person has one in life. It’s the reason God placed them on the earth. I know God’s calling on my life. Yet, I can’t seem to figure out what my purpose is, and how my calling in life will align with my purpose in life. God’s been dealing with me for what seems like forever regarding my purpose. I do what he says to do, and I go where he says to go. However, when it comes to my purpose in life, the things he says seem to fly over my head. I guess it’s an area of my life that I haven’t allowed God to work or move in yet. I know this fact is true because speaking and thinking about my purpose frustrates me. It’s a difficult subject for me to discuss. God only reveals things to people when he knows they’re ready to receive the blessing or revelation. So, I suppose that my purpose is so great that it would scare and discourage me from my walk with God if he were to reveal it to me now. For now, I’m content knowing that I have one, and that he will reveal it me in his perfect timing. Do I know what tomorrow will bring? No. All I know is that I want a job that will allow me to live out God’s calling on my life, and walk in his purpose for my life. Will that job arrive tomorrow? Probably not, but until then I’ll trust God and continue walking blindly holding his hand until I discover his purpose for my life.

 “If you live a purpose-driven life and follow God in all you do,

 you will be successful.”

Trust God. Happy April 🙂

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