“All of my friends are having families of their own, while I’m still waiting for the perfect one to come. I’m not a mother or a wife, and I’m living such a complicated life, but this is the life I know.”

The quote above is a part of song lyrics that were taken from one of my favorite singer’s songs. The song is titled Life I Know, and deals with the singer’s frustrations about not being married or a mother yet. The song is raw, beautiful, and healing. The song is soothing to me because at this point in my life, all of my friends are married or either getting married, while I continue to strive alone in life towards my goals. Similarly, the song’s lyrics point to the fact that the singer is in the same predicament as me. Over the years, I’ve watched best friends (2 in total) turn into shadows of acquaintances. Over the years, I’ve grown to learn to talk to people once or twice a month that I used to talk to every other day. We’re all getting older. I just seem to be doing it alone, while many of my friends are growing older with partners and significant others. Although I vowed to stay single and uncommitted until I reached my dreams of having three degrees and being financially stable, I still long for marriage and motherhood someday. I just choose to think only about myself these days, so that later on in life my husband and children will have that much more of my attention. Although I won’t be hearing wedding bells or racing to push babies out soon, I’m content for now. I’m in no rush to settle down. People experience different experiences at different times and seasons in their lives. My season of marriage and motherhood just hasn’t come yet, while many of my friends have. For now, my life doesn’t include the nurturing roles of mother and wife. Yet, that’s fine with me. For now, “this is the life I know”.

Are you lonely, scared, upset, or anxious about

your future? Take heart, you’re in a season of preparation.

Patiently wait on God.

Happy January!



2 thoughts on “SEASONS AND CHANGES

  1. Interesting post. I realize it is an older one, but I appreciate your thought here on the single and without-child life.

    Just yesterday I heard of another friend who is now pregnant. I am on the fence if I want children or not, but as I get older, I am definitely more aware of my marriage/child/age status. It seems the secret is to choose your own path wisely, and know it is the right choice for you. Walk it proudly! When you do this, you inspire others to do the same.

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