The Spirit Of Competitiveness

Mistletoe is being hung, Santa’s gearing up for his round-trip around the world, Christmas specials are on television, and signs of goodwill and merriment are starting to appear. This could only mean one thing: Christmas is coming. It’s the time of year that people of the Christian faith celebrate the birth of Jesus, and the season of giving commences. However, along with this season of giving often come feelings of competitiveness among people. I was watching a holiday movie on Hallmark titled A Cookie Cutter Christmas around this time last month. In the movie, one of the film’s main stars was involved in a fierce longstanding competition with another character in the film. The competitiveness between the two had been going on since they were children. The moral of the story is that the two characters’ competitiveness with one another almost ruined the joy of Christmas for themselves, and several other characters in the movie. Therefore, in this month’s post, I decided to admonish everyone to have a giving heart and spirit, not one of competitiveness. Many times during the holidays, family members and friends choose to compete against one another for the sole affections and attention of someone they both care about deeply. (For example, siblings competing to see who can buy their parents the best Christmas present). Rivalries arise sometimes in life. Yet, they should never get so out of hand that the ones feuding ruin Christmas for everyone. They should never get so out of hand that someone feels unloved or disowned by a loved one. This Christmas, let’s focus on the true meaning of Christmas: spreading peace and goodwill, glorifying Christ, and making precious holiday memories with our loved ones. After all, did Jesus not say to cease all quarrels and competitions between us?

 “Do nothing out of rivalry (and or selfish ambition)”. –Philippians 2:3

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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