Chicken Soup

I’m a fan of the inspirational and positive Chicken Soup book series, as are many people. The books are loaded with encouraging stories, quotes, and illustrations on topics ranging from friendship to spirituality. The Chicken Soup series is important to me because it offered a sense of relief and comfort for me as teen, and it still does. I remember being introduced to my first Chicken Soup book by a high school teacher, who noticed that I had low self-esteem, and wanted to encourage me in this area. She shared the book with me, and later told me that I could keep it. That first book that I read in the series gave me the gentle push I needed to begin to believe in myself, and changed my life. I’ve been a fan of the book series ever since. As a chicken soup broth would, the Chicken Soup book series uplift people. I often try to do the same with these blog postings. As I think about my love for the popular book series, my mind wanders to the countless number of people that the series has touched over the years, and continues to inspire. Just as the series helps people overcome obstacles and sustains them during difficult situations, we as people should strive to help lighten the burdens of others in our daily lives. We should try strengthening and raising the spirits of one another, instead of tearing one another down and or ignoring each other’s problems. If we do so, disunity, tensions, and grudges will subside. Let love rule in your hearts.

Do you use your time, talents, and gifts to uplift others, or do you use it to criticize and judge others? Are you a light and beacon of hope or a symbol of despair and distress for others? The Chicken Soup book series spreads messages of hope, love, and compassion. We should too. Spread love.

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