Heartache and Pain

From the months of March to July of this year, I had my share of pain and sad days. Up until now, I’ve been reluctant to talk about it on my blog, but I’ve decided to share that story with my readers this month because I feel that God wants me to. Here goes: my months of heartache and pain began with a single person. This person entered my life in the summer of last year. From my first glance at the person, my heart melted and smiled at the same time. Our initial meeting began months of the two of us avoiding and seeking one another out, months of us hurting and abusing one another emotionally. Throughout my ordeal and friendship with this person, I wondered what this person’s purpose in my life was. I wondered whether this person was a blessing or a lesson to learn from. I now know that they were the latter. Our friendship ended in late July when the person abruptly left my life, without an explanation why. At first I was sad upon their exit from my life, but now I see that it was for a greater good in my life. Although I felt led by God to enter into a relationship with this person, things didn’t work out. My friendship with this person was rocky from the start. Though I’m tempted to question God’s will and plan for me at this point, I won’t. Instead, I will trust in the Lord and wait on him, even as I experience heartache and pain sporadically in life. Without pain, there’d be no growth in life.

In your sorrow, do you question God?

In your pain, do you have urges to harden your heart?

Walking in God’s will isn’t always comfortable,

But his timing is beyond compare.

Give God your pain,

As in your life, he works out his will and plan!


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