God Gets The Glory

In today’s day and time, too many people seek recognition and gratification for the good deeds they do in life, as if the world owes them this. They brag about their accomplishments to gain attention and approval. They also masquerade and show off to gain the acceptance of others around them. Yet in a world so crazy, I for one still believe in humility, and that God alone deserves the glory for all things (great and small). I was reminded of these strong convictions weeks ago when I heard of some people who sought glory for something that they didn’t deserve recognition for. Upon hearing the story, a couple of bible verses came to mind. The bible verses are Phillippians 2, verses three and four. The bible verses urge people to esteem others better than themselves in humility, and to look out for the interests of others as well as their own. The verses’ central themes are humility and reverence for God as well as others. In the bible verses, God instructs people to think of others as better than themselves, and to care about others as much as they do themselves. God exhorts people to build each other up and edify each other, however great amounts of people are only worried about themselves. Other people’s lives and feelings are the last things on many people’s minds these days. With such attitudes, it’s no wonder that large numbers of people in the world today are vain, conceited, and envious of other people’s accomplishments.


Are you constantly thinking about others, or only about yourself?

Do you put down other people, and only exalt yourself?

Do you glorify God, or yourself?

Let’s be humble and meek people, giving credit where it’s due and God his proper glory.

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