Let People Help You

This month’s posting brings a certain woman to mind: Martha from Luke 10, verses thirty-eight to forty-one. Like her, many of us are too busy trying to do everything ourselves that we forget to let God comfort us and work our problems out. Some of us are also so untrusting of people that we’d rather walk through life alone battling problems, than allow others to help us through our trials. The first instance describes Martha, the latter describes me. I have a strong sense of responsibility for myself, and sometimes that sense interferes with my relationships with other people, because I’d rather suffer alone than enlist other people’s help with my problems. This sense of responsibility helps me to be independent, but makes it hard for other people to reach out to me. Recently I received a message from the Holy Spirit prompting me to allow others to help me through pain. It told me to stop making life difficult for myself by trying to carry my burdens alone. People were never meant to go through tribulations alone. Human beings were made for relationships and meant to interact with one another. God pointed that fact out to me one night as I sat alone in my bedroom floor. I’m not sure why I don’t like accepting the help and assistance of others. Yet, it’s difficult for me to allow others (people outside of close friends and family members) to help and comfort me in times of turmoil. I’m working on this bad trait of mine (I’m a work in progress), but I’m nowhere near happy about the thought of allowing others to help me yet. Martha of Luke 10:38-41 and I have similarities, just as many people do with her. However, I’m willing to change. Are you?

Do you go throughout life trusting your own reasoning, or God’s? Are you allowing others

to help you through pain, or are you quietly sitting in your misery alone?

Learn to depend on God’s wisdom and knowledge, not your own.

Learn to let people help you. It blesses them as well as you!

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