Going Au Naturale

Have you ever spontaneously decided to do something differently in your life without telling anyone about it? I have. I went through such an experience seventeen months ago when I decided to stop perming my hair. It was something I had been secretly considering for a while, but never told anyone about. I love an adventure, and am always looking for new ones, so I looked at transitioning my hair from a relaxed state to a natural state as one. Many of my friends were natural-haired themselves, so they had no problem with it. However, most of my family members were against it. When I told them what I intended to do with my hair, most of them either laughed or advised me to do otherwise. Yet, I was determined to go through the process of transitioning my hair regardless. Seventeen months later, I feel more free and more me than I’ve ever felt before in my life. When I walk into a room, I feel as if people are seeing me, not my hair or physical appearance. You see, I went natural in my hair to stop conforming to society’s ideas of beauty and femininity. I decided to define my beauty differently and in my own way, regardless of people’s opinions. I don’t regret going natural in my hair. I’ve grown to love not only my natural beauty, but my authentic true self. I’ve gotten to know myself better, and today I’m okay with my strengths and weaknesses. So if you walk to the beat of your own drum in life, continue to do so. The world needs more people like you in it, who choose to set the standard and not follow it. Stay true to yourself always, and embrace who you are.

Do you follow the bandwagon, or are you the wagon leader? Do you own your identity, or do you

compare it to someone else’s? Own your identity, embrace your individual differences,

and love the skin you’re in. You’re gorgeous, flaws and all 🙂


One thought on “Going Au Naturale

  1. I went natural about 2 years ago and that was one of the best decisions I made. I am more confident now with my natural hair than with my relaxed hair. I felt the need to hide behind those silky relaxed strands because of my darker complexion. I got tired of hiding and wanted to be the real me. I got tired of attracting insecure guys and people into my life. Along with the decision to go natural I’ve lossed some friends and gained some new ones. I will never go back to the relaxer again!

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