Victory Memories

Recently, it was announced by news reporters and the president of the university that the school I’m receiving my bachelor’s degree from (Victory University) will be closing soon. I’m shocked it happened so soon, but I’m not surprised. I saw it coming from a mile away. The school’s financial situation is out of control, and is apparent to all. While I’ve had my share of grievances with the school over financial and academic concerns, I choose to remember the good times I had there. Memories that come to mind when I think of the school are good ones of great teachers, friends, and a loving Christian environment. I’ve completed my degree at the school, and will be receiving it soon. Yet, there was a time that I didn’t know much about Victory University. I ran across the school’s website one day in 2010 as I was on the eve of receiving my associate’s degree. I had never heard of the school before, but God was pointing me in the school’s direction. I requested to receive more information about the school online, and soon a recruiter from the school called me to set up a tour of the school. I went for a tour of the school, and decided to attend. From the day I registered at the school, my life was changed from the inside out. My relationship with God grew stronger, I learned to embrace challenges in life and school, and my life was enhanced by all the great people I met at Victory as well as the classes I took. I don’t regret receiving my bachelor’s degree from Victory. I regret the fact that the school’s financial and business endeavors were mismanaged by its investors. A part of me will always remember and cherish memories made at Victory University. I didn’t know what I was doing walking into that school 3 years ago, but God knew. He used the school to further his purpose and will in my life by pushing me to grow spiritually and mentally. He has a funny way of doing that.

There is good to be seen in negative situations. Do you see the good in everything and everyone,

or focus on the bad? There’s some good to be found in every situation.

Think about it.



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