Family Love

Last weekend, my family and I celebrated my young cousin’s 10th birthday. It was a day of fun, laughs, jokes, and togetherness at a skating rink. All of the fun that we had made me long for days gone by. As people go through life, sometimes once tight-knit family relationships strain and grow apart. Yet, this fact doesn’t mean that the family love within families doesn’t still remain. My family members and I are usually busy with our own agendas, plans, and lives. However, time stood still for a kid’s birthday party last weekend. Most of my family members meet over my grandmother’s house every Sunday afternoon for dinner, but lately some of those meetings feel forced, or people don’t show up.The warmth and love I felt at the party surrounded by my family members didn’t feel forced. I felt pure love exuding all around me in that room last weekend as the love I felt for my family aroused feelings of joy within me. I’m a loner, and am always seeking new experiences and things to try on my own. This trait of mine can sometimes make some of my family members feel left out of my life plans and decisions. The only explanation I can make for this trait of mine is that I’m exploring life,trying to find myself, and trying to find a place for myself in this world outside of them. Nevertheless, when life knocks me down, l am always inspired to get up again by the genuine depth of their love for me. They feel like home to me, and are home to my heart. No matter what I do or where I go, the family name follows me, and I let it proudly.

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